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BharOS is Here! Key Features & Release Date of Bharat OS

BharOS Means Bharat OS is an Operating System For Mobile Which is developed by J&K Operation Private Limited IIT Madras, One of the best Indian Institue of Technology. It is Government funded project to Develop a Free & Open Source Operating system for Government and Public Systems. It is one of the initiatives of the Atmanirbhar Bharat Run by the Indian Government.

If you Don’t Know about Operating Systems, let me explain to you that mobile OS is software that allows smartphones, tablet PCs (personal computers), and other devices to run applications and programs. mobile OS typically starts up when a device powers on, presenting a screen with icons or tiles that present information and provide application access. Mobile operating systems also manage cellular and wireless network connectivity, as well as phone access.

Just like this, Now India is launching their own Operating System that is Bharat OS or in Short, we can Say BharOS for Mobile. if this project becomes successful after the release of BharOS that it can Replace Android in India Forever and we will have our own Operating System for our smartphones.

BharOS is specially Designed only for Indians and it has some unique features that other Operating System Does not have. in this blog post we will see what features we will be provided by Bharos, how it is different from android & IOS, and When it is Officially Released so that we can download BharOS and start using of Made in India BharOS.

BharOS -India’s Indigenous OS

Developed by

J&K Operations, IIT Madras



Official Site

Download BharOS

BharOS is a great Innovation in 2023 and we will going to see many new updates in BharOS this year, Basically, it is going to be the next-gen OS in world History. below is the video of respected Technical Guruji Explaining more about the BharOS.

Release Date of BharOS in India

BharOS is one of the best things that we will see in 2023 after ChatGPT, After the announcement of BharOS many Indian People are eagerly waiting for the release of bharOS, everyone wants to know about the launch date of BharOS and that is why we come up to let peoples know that bharOS is not so far now, the prototype is already tested by tech experts and it is ready to launch. however, the release date of bharOS is not officially confirmed but many trusted sources are saying that it will be released on the 1st of April 2023 because it is the first day of the new financial year.

bharat os

Will Bhar OS Replace Android?

Android-based gadgets have become increasingly popular as smartphone technology has advanced. But can Bhar OS really take the place of Android? We’ll examine Bhar OS in this blog post and talk about its advantages and disadvantages when compared to Android. We will also look at the factors that could influence a company’s decision to use Bhar OS as its primary mobile operating system. This blog is for you if you’re looking for an Android alternative or just want to learn more about this new technology.

well Bhar OS is based on his AOSP. And AOSP itself is based on the Android version and is therefore maintained by Google. Google provides regular security backports of AOSP. Simply we can say that it is not replaced Android. However, if the operating system is for business, it can be used as a replacement for the real Android system.

What are The BharOS Key Features?

A mobile operating system called BharOS prioritizes security and privacy. The main user interface of a smartphone is provided by a piece of software called a mobile operating system, like Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS.


  • Privacy is a priority for Bhar OS. This implies that downloading third-party apps is prohibited, even those obtained from the Google Play store.
  • It will instead offer a private app store service (PASS). PASS provides carefully selected apps that adhere to the security and privacy policies of your company.
  • Because Bhar OS does not have default programs (NDA), the user has the freedom to download any software he wants from his PASS.
  • Bhar OS devices get native over-the-air updates for updates (NOTAs). Users do not need to manually install and apply updates because they are automatically downloaded to the phone. Similar to Android is this.
  • Many More Android Features with a proper Security system.


Well, it is something that can be said that we are now growing in technology and in the next decade we will take over the whole tech industry. so it is a great step from the Indian government in the field of technology and we all should support this, however, we have not tested the operating system but the report comes from tech experts says that it will be the next-gen operating system that can change the view of the audience of India.


It is great to see growing technology, first, we have seen ChatGPT and now we have our own Operating system and in this year we will have more steps towards technology and therefore I am concluding this blog post that we should support our government who are doing great things to make India atmanirbhar so that we don’t need anyone softer to depend upon them.

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