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FREE Netflix Premium Account & Password [2023]

Free Netflix premium accounts and Password – Hey Guys, are you looking for Free Netflix Accounts? If your answer is yes, then I have a piece of Good news for you.

Today I am going to give you Free Netflix Premium accounts and passwords which means you don’t need to pay for the Netflix premium subscription and also going to tell you how you can easily watch Netflix shows free without any subscription.

It would not be wrong to say that Netflix is one of the top platforms for watching entertaining content. The app is widely popular and offers you top-notch content. Hence more and more people want to enjoy Netflix.

Netflix is a leading video streaming platform that covers all the entertainment stuff including movies, seasons, etc. It provides the best service and also charges less on its subscription compared to its competitors.

Free Netflix Account and Password 2023

If you Don’t know then let me tell you that you can watch Netflix premium account shows for free. yes, you heard it right. you can easily download the Netflix premium shows from our telegram channel where we uploaded almost every Netflix premium account show, webseries and movie check out our telegram channel link below.


If you are an avid consumer of video entertainment then you are probably aware of the fact that Netflix is a one-stop platform for all the exclusive movies and seasons.

However, as you already know that Netflix is a premium service. As a result, there is no way to get Netflix for free. If you wish to get Netflix, you either have to switch to a Netflix plan. Or you can try out our Free Netflix Accounts.

How to Get a Free premium Netflix Account and Password?

Netflix Premium Accounts – As you now know Netflix is a video streaming platform, well, to access the Netflix features, you will need an active Netflix account email & password.

What Offers a Netflix Premium Account -It will allow you to log in to Netflix and access premium content & its features. Netflix has 4 different subscription plans (Mobile, Basic, Standard, Premium) that offer different perks at different prices.

Netflix Premium accounts Plans

The least plan requires 149Rs or $2 per month and with its least subscription, you can stream videos at 480p, watch Netflix on your mobile phone & tablet, limited to use on one device at a time, and Unlimited movie streaming, and also cancel the subscription at any time.

Its highest plan is premium which costs 649Rs or $8.61, with this you can stream videos at 4K+HDR and share up to 4 screens.

Features of a Netflix Premium Accounts

  1. By getting a Netflix membership, you will gain access to unlimited shows and movies that too, at a low monthly price. Netflix account password and username 2022
  2. You also have the authority to rate any show or movie which you are watching which will allow Netflix to recommend what you might like to watch on Netflix.
  3. You can search for anything you like from the tons of movies and new episodes of shows which get added to Netflix on a regular basis.
  4. When you download the Netflix app, you will be able to instantly watch as many shows or movies, as often as you want and anytime you wish.
  5. This is the most fantastic feature which Netflix has to offer. You can initiate watching on one device and then, resume watching on another device

Free Premium Netflix 30-Days Trial

Using this method, you will get additional free trials on Netflix. The stairs to be followed are listed below:

  1. Make a new email account if you don’t have one and record it so that you can look it up in case you forget the email ID or the password you can make this account on Gmail or any other site. If you already have an email account then, proceed to the next step.
  2. You need to enter new credit card details every time you sign up for the trial version but, you won’t be charged anything till you have got the trial version. So, get a prepaid credit card and you can use it to run errands later.
  3. Now, go to Netflix and sign up for the monthly trial. While signing up, use the new email account and the details of the prepaid credit card.
  4. Before the monthly trial expires, you need to cancel your Netflix account, or else, you will be charged for a monthly plan. For deleting your account, click on your account name visible on the top right, select your account and then, select Cancel Streaming Plan or Cancel DVD Plan. Then, follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation.
  5. You can again follow the steps listed above to get another free trial for a month.
  6. Since the above-listed method is quite hectic as you have to get a new email account and a new credit card every month, if you make a PayPal account and connect your already-used prepaid card to it, you can grab the second month of Netflix with the same card, just by entering your PayPal information instead. But, it might happen that, PayPal may shut down accounts with fake information

Make sure to cancel the subscription before the money is deducted from your account for next month’s subscription. here is the method to cancel the subscription.

Canceling The Trial Membership: You can also click on your profile image and from the drop-down select “Your Account”. Now under “Membership and Billing” just select the “Cancel Membership” option. That’s it! You are done.

How To Get Free Netflix Accounts

There are many ways to get Free Netflix Accounts. Some of the best working methods are mentioned below. So read and follow all tricks carefully at the end.

There are five ways to get free Netflix accounts

  • Free Netflix Through Giveaways
  • Free Netflix Account Through Visit Here Daily
  • Free Netflix Through Trial
  • Free Netflix Accounts Through Sharing
  • Use Free Netflix Using Netflix Cookies

Latest Free Netflix Premium Accounts Feb 2023 – List Update

Here are the newly added Free Netflix Accounts Premium List

Netflix Account – | Password – Door3056
Netflix Account – | Password – kipoplol
Netflix Account – | Password – Ninamyers123
Netflix Account – | Password – Morfeusz20
Netflix Account – | Password – pot389
Netflix Account – | Password -miami0013
Netflix Account – | Password – Mobilepayments3
Netflix Account – | Password – D14m0nDs
Netflix Account – | Password – Qwerty

Netflix Free Accounts Newly added on February – 2022

Netflix Account – | Password – cdefgahc
Netflix Account – | Password – asser89
Netflix Account – | Password –
Netflix Account – | Password – 008249
Netflix Account – | Password – jm2719
Netflix Account – | Password – 051201
Netflix Account – | Password – Netflix pass
Netflix Account – | Password – 1564565
Netflix Account – | Password – 2465
Netflix Account – | Password – 8567
Netflix Account – | Password – 2334
Netflix Account – | Password – 5674
Netflix Account – | Password – 5674

Netflix Account – | Password – 0o0o6565
Netflix Account – | Password – 17737271888
Netflix Account – | Password – cdefgahc
Netflix Account – | Password – MeOnly$1
Netflix Account – | Password – qwerty7
Netflix Account – | Password – asser89
Netflix Account – | Password – slider66
Netflix Account – | Password – 0o0o6565
Netflix Account – | Password – jsdaw1979
Netflix Account – | Password – cdefgahc

Final Words

To be honest, we are not in the favour of getting Netflix Premium for free. Netflix spends billions of dollars every year, to provide legit and high-quality content to its viewers. You’re every penny matters because it will help Netflix to make the content better and better. Every new season is more bitterly produced than the previous one in terms of cinematography, Resolution, Detailing, Editing, etc. They are spending billions to entertain you you have to pay at least in hundreds. Anyhow in this tutorial, we wrote the tips and tricks to get Free Netflix Premium. Also, viewers can see a pretty lengthy list of Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords 2023.


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