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10+ Best Picnic Places In Ranchi (Jharkhand) 2023

Best Picnic Places In Ranchi

Picnic Places in Ranchi – Ranchi is the capital of the state of Jharkhand, and it is the most beautiful city in Jharkhand, here you can find many religions that stay together in the same society. the most beautiful thing about this city is.

it is the best city for visitors which want recreation whenever you are thinking about a picnic in Ranchi we have got in mind that Ranchi has so many places for a picnic.

When we are talking about picnics we are all confused that where should be going, and which place is better for our picnic.

We know some places but we don’t know all places. so here today we will guide you that where should you go for a picnic. But in this article, we are discussing only Ranchi City, which is the heart of the state of Jharkhand, India.

Picnic Spots In Ranchi Jharkhand

Jonha Fall – Jonha fall also known as Gautamdhara fall is the best waterfall in Ranchi city. The scenes of this fall are really awesome and the fall is very beautiful. peoples those are live in Ranchi should go this fall. This is the best place for recreation.

Dassam Fall – Dassam Fall is also a beautiful fall of Ranchi it is also called the Dassam Ghagh for the outside visitors it is the best waterfall.

Kanke Dam Kanke Dam is a beautiful lake that is on the agenda hills it is 5km away from the Ranchi the air and the serenity of this place is so natural. if you visit this place then you will gonna love this place. the peace and the beauty of this place make this place very awesome.

Hundru Fall When we are talking about a hundred falls, it is the highest fall in the Ranchi it falls from a height of 98 meters. which is about 322ft. it is created by the course of the Suvarna Rekha river. if you visit this fall then you will love to see that water is falling from a very high height. that makes this fall different from others.

Ranchi Lake – Ranchi Lake is a beautiful Lake which is situated in the center of the Ranchi. the severity of this place is very beautiful. you find peace in this place. best for excretion.

These all 5 places are the best of the Ranchi, but it does not mean that you all will like it. because some people have different choices than others. I already visited all these places so I will give you my guide according to my choices.

best Picnic places according to recreation

Dassam fall

Jonha fall

Patratu Valley

Jagannath Temple

Birsa zoological park

Rock Garden

Tagore hill

Panch Ghagh Fall

Ranchi Lake

Topchanchi Lake

Pahari Mandir

these are some beautiful picnic places in Ranchi for recreation, Ranchi has so many places apart from this list for recreation so if you have your own list you can share us on our official mail.

and if you like our list please share our site and give us support for our work thank you so much, guys.