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Fiewin Login – Fiewin APK download | Fie Win APP

Fiewin Login – Hello Guys, In this article I am Going to Tell you about an interesting game called Fie Win Game. And Give you tips so that you can earn more and more money from this Fiewin Game. So read this complete article

Fiewin Game Website Details

Fiewin – Fiewin is a very simple game where you can double your money within 30 seconds. This is an awesome game for people who wants to earn part-time money for pocket money.

Check out the Fiewin App Download process to earn money playing games

Fiewin Games and Winning Tricks

Fie Win Game – This game allows you to play 6 Inbuilt games, and these are called fiewin games. there are 6 games on the Fiewin website.

  1. Fast Parity
  2. Mine Sweeper
  3. Andar Bahar
  4. Crash
  5. Dice
  6. HiLo

In This article we are going to see how to play this game, I will explain each and every game and how you can play these fiewin games and earn lots of money without investing single money.

But At first, you have to Login in to Frewin, That is quite simple just go to the link I have given above. or if you are a new user just click on the register link from the link I have given you ( Note: it is important to go through the link i have mentioned to claim the Joining Bonus if you log in without the link then you are not eligible to get joining bonus).

Now when you successfully register there are 6 games which I have already told you now let’s see how we can play them.

Fiewin daily gives you 8rs for playing their game but for playing a single game you need 10rs in your wallet so just check in to check in rewards and you will get 2 rs extra. now you have 10 rs.

  1. Fast Parity Fiewin Game

The fast parity game is the oldest game of Fiewin when fiewin launched there was only one game that was fast parity. In this game you have to select between Red and Green, then wait for 30 seconds if you select red and red comes in after 30 seconds then whatever amount you have placed that amount gets doubled. like if you placed 10rs then you will have 20rs now. and if green comes after 30 seconds then you will have 0 rs.

so choose carefully, I will give you a winning trick of fiewin so that you can win every time and earn more money from fiewin.

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