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Cute Love Stories Movies – Hello guys, Today I am going to tell you some bestCute Love Stories Movies which are based on college life teenage romance movies. These movies are the best to watch and these are available to watch free on the internet. Believe me guys, these movies will make you cry.

Best Cute Love Stories Movies 2022

I am going to share the 5 Best Cute Love Stories Movies list along with their short storyline so that you can choose between them to watch. These movies are really watching worth and you will definitely be going to like these Cute Love Stories Movies.

1. All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

All the boys I’ve loved before is a cute teenage romance movie. the storyline of this movie is very cute and romantic. if you are searching for a movie that relaxes your mood then watch this movie, this is the best Movie based on college life romance.

This movie has 3 parts and you can watch them in a single day, all those three movies are very interesting and you will like them very much so go and watch them on Netflix.


The movie is based on a girl who wrote a love letter to all her crushes but she didn’t give them one day her cute little sister posted those love letters and then the drama begins. How she deals with her every crush and who she chooses who’s to reject.

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2. The Kissing Booth

The Kissing both is a teenage romance movie based on college life it is one of the best Cute Love Stories Movies I have ever watched. This movie has 3 parts and each of the parts of this movie is important to understand the other part.

If you want to watch a Cute Love Stories Movie then watch this movie it will refresh your mood and you will like it. after watching this movie.


The story of the movie is based on two best friends and their life, when the boy’s brother falls in love with his best friend things get complicated for these friends. watch this movie to see how they manage his life.

3. The Half of It

Half of it is a cute teenage love movie based on college life and romance drama it is a single movie and has a very unique storyline. this movie explains true love. when I watched this movie, I liked this Cute Love Stories Movie very much and you will also be going to love this movie.

The movie is available to watch on Netflix and you can also watch it from telegram also.


The movie is based on true love, one boy who wants to propose to his crush but he wasn’t able to do so he is appointing a friend to write his best love letter so that he can impress her. but eventually, something happen, to know to watch this movie.

4. The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date is a teenage romance drama movie based on a cute love story. If you want to watch a movie where unexpected love happens then watch this movie it is amazing to watch and you will be going to like this movie very much.

This movie is available to watch free on Netflix and you can watch it from there, and if you don’t have Netflix then you can watch this movie from telegram.


The movie is based on a boy who makes an app where people who want to date can date from that app. one day he met with a girl, watch this movie to know what happens with them.

5. He’s All That

He’s All That is a Cute Love Stories Movie Based on college life romance drama. in this movie, a girl who is an influencer makes an unpopular boy to popular in college. this movie is really worth watching, it is my advice to watch this movie, you will going to be loved this movie.


The movie starts with a girl who is different in the real world than their influencer life, one day she fired on his bf and that went viral now what she will do to protect his career watch the movie.

So these are the best Cute Love Stories Movies ListThanks for visiting.